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8 Ball Pool at Gaythorne

8 Ball Pool at Gaythorne | Social or Competition

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The Trophy Presentation Dinner for the City*ball was held Gaythorne Bowls Club on Saturday 12th October 2019.. 

Details about 8-Ball pool at Gaythorne Bowls

At Gaythorne Bowls Club we have Four pool tables which you can use socially or join one of the many teams that play out of our venue every Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

City 8-Ball teams play fixtures on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

Teams of four players compete in a forty team City 8-Ball draw. For more details see the flyer below.

To find out more about City fixtures contact the City secretary, Marj,

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or visit

Website - www.city8ball.org.au 

If you are interested in playing pool socially please read on:

Gaythorne Bowls, in association with City 8-Ball, has installed four professional eight ball tables. 

Friday afternoon is becoming a regular social pool event with some bowlers (who were snooker and billiard sharks in their day)

giving the City players a run for their money before sitting down to a relaxing meal. 

Patrons and visitors are invited to make use of the $2 coin operated tables. 

Gaythorne Club Sponsors