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Happy New Year

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Gaythorne Bowls Club wishes ALL Members and Friends a Happy and Healthy New Year

Welcome to 2020 at Gaythorne Bowls Club.  Most of your favourite pastimes and events will be held again at the Club this year and we hope that we can offer the same great level of service help and assistance.

As an aid to your memories we have developed a list of those events that will be held in the next few months.

Friday Nights at Gaythorne Bowls

For more information Just Click on the "Come and Play" picture on the Web Page . The Friday Night events will commence on Friday 17th January 2010

Lawn Bowls

Our Lawn Bowls will commence on:

  • Wednesday 15th January at 9.00am for more information Click on "Men's Bowls at Gaythorne Social or Pennants" on the web Page
  • Friday 17th January 2010 at 1.00 pm for Mixed Jackpot Pairs. Information can be found on the same web page as the Wednesday event
  • Saturday 18th January 2020. For Mixed competition.  For more information see same web page.

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