Club Covid-19 Conditions

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Dear Member and Friends of Gaythorne Bowls Club.

 The Gaythorne Bowls and Community Club has now reopened as of 3rd July 2020

However, we are in a ‘NEW NORMAL’ situation as COVID-19 Phase 3 restrictions still apply.

What does ‘NEW NORMAL mean?

Essentially all parts of the club are open including the bar area, all bowling activities can resume under normal playing conditions, competitions can resume, there will be a return to wearing club uniform for Saturday bowls, and other users of our facilities can return.

However, social distancing restrictions are still in place and these can be legally enforced by the police issuing on the spot fines. Social distancing must be observed at all time, and this applies to on the greens, as well as outside and inside the club house.

We have been informed that over recent weeks the police have visited a number of bowls clubs in the area to check that COVID restrictions are being observed.

 Also, there are restrictions on the number of people allowed inside the clubhouse at one time.

 Please read the two documents which set out the NEW NORMAL operating levels for people using our Club and Bowling Greens.  We have also added these guidelines to each section of the Web Site.

For Opening times please have a look at our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/gaythournebowlsclub/



COVID-19 General Advice for Level 3 Restrictions (3rd July 2020):

  • People who have COVID-19 symptoms or have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19 or travelled internationally in the last 14 days, must not come to the Club.
  • To fully comply with Queensland Government regulation in regard to COVID-19 tracing, all club members must complete the attendance sheet at the main entrance to club, including in and out times, every time you come to the club. This is a condition of entry.
  • Government on-the-spot- fines for not social distancing are still in force. These are $1334 for individuals and $6,670 for businesses (our Club).
  • The detection of a positive COVID-19 case in a sporting or recreation club or organisation will result in a standard public health response, which could include quarantine of a whole large group of people, and their close contacts, for the required period, and closure of the facility.



  • Bowlers must practice social distancing of 1.5 metres, at all times.
  • On the greens, 1.5 metres physical distancing rule is to be observed. Use marks on the rink, as indicators for appropriate separation.
  • Bowlers should bring their own water bottles.
  • Bowlers should as much as practicable remain outside the clubhouse.
  • No hand shaking.
  • Only one bowler at a time should be at ‘the head’ to give instructions or to measure.
  • Do not touch another person’s bowls or lifter. Use your feet to move bowls or jack.
  • Other bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. bowls, measures).
  • Players should practice safe hygiene at all times, including use of hand sanitiser and washing hands before, during and after bowls.
  • Mats and Jacks to be sprayed and wiped with sanitiser after play, and before storage in box.
  • A copy of the sheet of members bowling each day must be emailed to the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so a consolidated record of bowlers can be kept.


Roll Ups:

  • Bowlers rolling up when the club is closed, must register their name on the sheet on the front door of the club.